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Respected Muslim and Muslimat

When Allah the wishes the guidance of a person put him in the way to learn Din and Quran is the  authority of Din and  we offer Taleem -ul- Quran on-line  as it is the need of present  era.

For this purposes visit our web site www.quranandtajweed.com

This team functions where the guidance of different Ulamas & Qura’a.

Our teachers have:-

(i)                 8 years Islamic scholar course.

(ii)               Memorization of Quran.

(iii)             Tajweed

(iv)              Nazra

(v)                Tafseer

(vi)              Hifz

(vii)            Hadees Shareef

(viii)          Namaz

(ix)              The most enchanting prayers of the last Prophet (S.A.W.)

Quran online was formed with the mission of spreading the light of Islam to its seekers anywhere in the world Quran team qualifies in Tajweed (Pronunatation) & Qirat along with the translation of Holy Quran. As a Muslim nation, acquiring Islamic education is our religious responsibility. Technical SupportWe are offering facilities like online registration, toll, free phone, login support, e-mail & chat facility.


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